44th Annual Summer Institute of Applied Statistics

SIAS 2019 will be held from June 19th through June 20th on BYU campus

Reproducible Research with R and RStudio

We are honored to have Dr. Garrett Grolemund, a RStudio's Master Instructor and the co-author of R for Data Science and R Markdown: The Definitive Guide, as our presenter.

This hands-on workshop will teach you an efficient workflow for doing end-to-end data science with the R programming language. You'll learn to access data from a variety of sources (including csv files, excel spreadsheets, and databases); to understand data by visualizing it, trasnforming it, and modelling it with R's Tidyverse; and to communicate your results with R Markdown, R's authoring format for reproducible research. Along the way, you will enhance your work with interactive plots, dashboards, and RStudio Connect, a content hub for code based content. Bring your laptop!

As you learn these tools, I'll highlight opportunities for reproducibility in your workflow. Not only is reproducibility good science (it makes your results easier to replicate), reproducibility is good self-care. It makes your work easier to share, hand off, automate, schedule, rerun with new data, and resume after a long hiatus. I will assume that you have a basic knowledge of R syntax. For example, that you can load packages and run commands.

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