Internships for Credit

Why apply for academic credit?

  • Academic credit earned from an internship can be applied as a Stat Major, Stat Minor, or University elective credit.
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship recipients may need to take a certain number of credits in order to maintain their contributions from the University.
  • International students need to receive academic credit in order to work on a student visa.
  • Some companies may require their interns to receive academic credit.
  • Internship credit will help boost GPA

For an Internship to Receive Academic Credit:

  • Internships must give real world experience in your field of study.
  • Interns must have a supervisor to train, mentor, and evaluate them.
  • Interns must complete and turn in a final report to the internship coordinator at the end of the internship.

Steps to Receive Academic Credit:

Click here to view a flow chart of the application process

1.  Complete the student application 

2.  The company where you are going to intern must be an Experience Provider.  If the company isn’t yet an Experience Provider, have them fill out the master agreement and submit it to the BYU Internship Office.  

a.  For a list of current Experience Providers, click here 

b.  Click here for a link to the master agreement 

If necessary, have the company fill out and send the master agreement to the BYU Internship Office:

BYU Internship Office
5435 HBLL
Provo, UT 84602          

Direct questions about the Experience Provider requirement and master agreement to:
Phone:  (801) 422-3337
Fax: (801) 422-0172

3.      Set up an appointment and meet with Dr. Gil Fellingham, the Internship Coordinator.

Credit and Tuition:

Generally, students earn from 1 to 3 credits hours for an internship. For the statistics department, an average of 160 work hours will translate to 1 credit hour. The number of credit hours to be received is set with the internship coordinator before the internship is started. To receive academic credit, you must be enrolled in one of Stat 199R, Stat 496R, or Stat 599R. You must pay tuition to receive academic credit.


Grades are generally pass/fail.  To pass, a student must accumulate at least 70 points.

A weekly journal is emailed to the internship coordinator at the conclusion of each work week. The journal entry contains the details of the work that was accomplished by the intern in the previous week. It should outline projects worked on, responsibilities of the intern, and things learned by the intern. It should be approximately two to three paragraphs in length. Each journal entry is worth 40 divided by the number of weeks the intern will work, for up to 40 total points.

A final report outlining the impact the internship experience had on your career objectives, and how the internship experience might have been improved will be due at the conclusion of the internship. The report should be no more than one page in length. The report will count up to 20 points.

The intern’s supervisor must complete the Intern Evaluation Form. The form is attached. The form should be given to the supervisor along with a stamped envelope addressed to the coordinator, so the supervisor can complete and return the evaluation directly to me. The evaluation is worth up to 30 points.

The intern is required to send a thank you letter to the supervisor. The letter may be scanned or photocopied and then forwarded to the coordinator. The letter is worth up to 10 points.

Difference between Stat 199R and Stat 496R:

Credit hours and tuition are the same between Stat 199R and Stat 496R.  Stat 199R is for students doing entry level statistics work while Stat 496R is reserved for students doing upper level statistics work (usually a Senior in Bachelor’s Degree or Graduate Student).

The Honor Code:

You should be mindful that even though you may not be on campus, you have made a commitment to keep the Honor Code. You represent BYU on your assignment, and all BYU students will be judged by your behavior. Lack of compliance with the Honor Code will be grounds for removal from the internship program.