Alumni Spotlight

Robert Egan

Major/Emphasis: Statistics (BS & MS)
Current Position Title: Retired VP
Company Name: IBM Corporation

Why he picked his major:

I took Statistics 221 as a Freshman because the subject matter intrigued me. I loved the course and everyone else dreaded it, so I knew I would enjoy the field.

How schooling helped prepare him for his current position:

IBM wanted to hire marketing and management trainees who had technical degrees. Although I never worked as a statistician with IBM, I feel the degrees in statistics gave me a solid, technical background and understanding that served me well throughout my 30-year career. I was a corporate consultant, marketing manager, branch manager, regional manager (Intermountain states) and Vice President, Operations for the Western United States. I was able to retire with full benefits at age 54, allowing me to serve church missions, including serving as mission president and in a temple presidency.

His advice to those currently studying:

Statistics provides a wonderful background for careers in science or business, whether you ultimately work as a statistician or not. Don't feel like your only career options are in the statistical field. IBM convinced me that I would be happier and more successful in a marketing and general management career and I never looked back. I far exceeded my financial expectations and loved every day of my 30-year career, even though I really never did statistical work.

Darcie Hill

Major/Emphasis: Statistics, Statistical/Applied (BS)
Current Position Title: Graduate Student

Company Name: University of Oklahoma, Quantitative Psychology

Why she picked her major:

I knew I wanted to get a PhD in Quantitative Psychology and statistics was the best way to get there.

How schooling helped prepare her for her current position:

I use the course material in my current classes, but even more important I learned how to work hard. The stats major at BYU is not easy, and pushing myself to do well really helped prepare me for grad school.

Her advice to those currently studying:

Take advantage of the majors lab and the students in your classes! Learn to work with other people, but also learn how to work on your own. Just learn how to work hard, because if you want to go to grad school, you're going to work HARD. If you want to go to grad school, contact the schools you're interested in. Make sure you know what their faculty members are researching, because you'll most likely end up doing research that supplements your advisor's. A good research fit is what makes grad school actually enjoyable!