Alumni Spotlight

Ben Neibaur

Major/Emphasis: BS Statistics (Biostatistics Empahsis)
Current Position Title: Orthodontist

Company Name: Neibaur Family Orthodontics

Why he picked his major:

I love math and the flexibility of a statistics degree.

How schooling helped prepare him for his current position:

All of my dental school and residency professors loved that I could help them with their research. Orthodontics is very analytical - just like statistics. Evidence based practices is what we try to use and a statistics degree helps me cut through the bias and clutter and do the best thing for my patients.

His advice to those currently studying:

Be open minded and grateful every day for everything that BYU has to offer - it truly is a unique school and the opportunity of a lifetime.

John Wald

Major/Emphasis: BS Statistics (Business Emphasis)
Current Position Title: Director of Research
Company Name: Lighthouse Research

Why he picked her major:

I love working with numbers and being able to see how research can make a big difference for so many companies.

How schooling helped prepare him for his current position:

It gave me a solid base to start from as well as a consideration for employment at my company. Without it, I would not have been considered for the position. While it gave me a solid base to start from, I have learned a lot since joining the work force. I don't use all my stats knowledge in my current position, but if I need to, my education prepared me with the skills to be able to "re-learn" what I might have lost. It furthered my love for learning.

His advice to those currently studying:

Learn the fundamentals well. That will help you to more easily learn in other areas. Also, real world application of what you are learning is so important. Some of the stats examples I went through in school seemed to be perfect scenarios, which was fine at the time BUT there are many industries where you won't have those perfect scenarios. You won't have a perfect sampling, or you won't have enough in your sample, or the perfect methodology would cost your client too much money so you need to adjust based on cost. The key, I've found, is to not just learn the stats, but learn HOW they can help companies, policies, etc. The application of the stats is so important.