Alumni Spotlight

kristin cook

Kristin Cook

Major/Emphasis: Statistics

Current Position Title: Assistant Professor

Company Name: College of Western Idaho

Why she picked her major:

I always enjoyed math but really enjoyed all of the application that Statistics has.

How schooling helped prepare her for her current position:

While I was attending school I had some great professors. They were always available and helped me learn the material. I also had some great experiences working as a TA in the labs.

Mark Pollmann

Major/Emphasis: Statistics (Math Minor)
Mark Pollmann

Current Position Title: CTO

Company Name: Savvysherpa

Why he picked his major:

I have an interest in Math and enjoyed Probability in high school.

How schooling helped prepare him for his current position?

Much of our work is research that is based on Baysian decision making and hypothesis testing. Our company also relies heavily on Data Science expertise to accomplish work. Stats has given me a foundation to participate in and guide this work.

His advice to those currently studying:

Immerse yourself in the theory of how and why the math works within the Stats topics. If you plan to go into industry try to find opportunities to work on real data. Real data is often very noisy and requires understanding of the implications of violating certain assumptions. It is a good exercise of your understanding the theory behind the techniques to make these types of decisions.