Goodbye Campus, Hello Career

Fifteen students graduated from BYU’s actuarial program in April 2017. They are now off to pursue careers, using what they learned at BYU. They are well prepared with classroom instruction, actuarial exam success, and internship experiences.

Following are spotlights on three of our recent graduates who completed actuarial science internships last summer. All three interned in the insurance industry and have since secured full-time positions. Their internships were invaluable in obtaining hands-on actuarial experience and also helped lead to offers for full-time positions.

Alex Neilson interned with Cigna in Bloomfield, Connecticut, as part of the Behavioral Specialty Pricing Department. In this position, Neilson analyzed the financial risks of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy.

“The most beneficial part of my internship was what I was able to learn about the US healthcare system,” Neilson said. “I now have a much better feel for what the biggest problems facing individuals in our current system are and what Cigna is doing to try and address these issues.”

Neilson graduated summa cum laude and will move to Connecticut to start working full time for Cigna in July.

Alison Stewart interned at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas on their Exchange Affected Pricing Team. She worked with this team to analyze the risk scores and forecast the risk adjustment for the company.

“This opportunity drove me to expand my knowledge about the Affordable Care Act and pushed me to enhance my analytical capabilities involving health insurance and risk,” Stewart said.

The internship helped prepare Stewart for a new position she accepted with Aetna, where she hopes to further enhance her skills and knowledge.

Cameron Johnson was one of three actuarial interns at Standard Insurance Company in Portland, Oregon. He worked with the financial reporting team in the Individual Disability Department.

“The highlight of my experience at the Standard was working on meaningful tasks that even a full-time actuary would complete,” Johnson said. “I always felt that I had the freedom to take my own approach while simultaneously receiving help and guidance when necessary.”

Johnson also appreciated getting to know the actuaries throughout the company.

In April, he graduated magna cum laude. Johnson accepted a full-time position in the Employee Benefits Department at Standard.