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Actuarial Executive Development Program - Intern - Cigna



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Actuarial Executive Development Program - Intern

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Tue, 09/12/2017 - 08:45



The purposes of Cigna's Actuarial Executive Development Program (AEDP) are to (1) attract and retain high-caliber actuarial professionals who will perform financial and actuarial functions and (2) facilitate member development in pursuit of attaining senior level managerial and leadership roles throughout the organization. Cigna values its actuaries and helps them to learn, grow, and excel throughout their career. The AEDP helps develop its full time members through job rotations and actuarial exam support and we have had program graduates reach CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Operational and Technical leadership positions as well as roles that require more subject matter specific expertise, both across the US and around the world!


A great way to assess whether the actuarial profession in general and Cigna in particular are a good fit for you is to participate in our actuarial summer internship. This eleven week program from late-May until early-August will expose you to what life as an actuary will be like, and serves as a “two way interview.” Additionally, Cigna views the internship program as our primary source for identifying full time talent.


AEDP summer internship benefits

  • Real work: You will be assigned a project that deals with actuarial related concepts, usually overseen by an AEDP member so you can get exposure to the day-to-day work of an actuary. You will be asked to present your findings and conclusions at the end of the summer.
  • Speaker series: You and your fellow interns will be exposed to a variety of lectures, case studies, and presentations given by members of the Cigna and actuarial community so you can get a feel for the wide array of roles that exist in the organization and how they fit together.
  • Compensation: Earn a highly competitive hourly rate in addition to gaining valuable work experience.
  • Paid Housing: The AEDP pays for the interns’ housing in an apartment complex or facility that has close proximity to the office.
  • Community: Be a part of a large, tightly-knit community of actuaries and AEDP associates, not only in your local office, but also across the US and around the world!


  • Hartford, CT area (Bloomfield)
  • Nashville, TN 
  • Denver, CO
  • Austin, TX
  • Philadelphia, PA

Schedule: You must be available to work a 40-hour work week.


  • Must be progressing towards a degree in a related field
  • 3.2 GPA or higher is preferred
  • Outstanding problem-solving, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Possession of a strong desire and demonstrated ability to lead
  • Drive to develop business and actuarial skills through ongoing training and varied rotations.

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