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Business Statistics Internship - Periscope Holdings, Inc.


Periscope Holdings, Inc.

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Business Statistics Internship

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Thu, 06/08/2017 - 08:42

Periscope Holdings, Inc. has an opportunity for a paid internship/consulting project. Project start is targeted for June with an estimated completion of 4-6 weeks of part-time (20 hours/week), depending on skill level and efficiency. 

If interested or if you have questions, please email

Attached is a detailed description of the internship.

Data Analyst - Intermountain Healthcare


Intermountain Healthcare

Position Title:

Data Analyst

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Mon, 05/08/2017 - 08:46

Data Analyst-Statistical – Staff
Intermountain Healthcare
Population Health Analytics

Essential Job Duties
This position is responsible for providing analytical support - typically at a system-wide level or regional level. Typically this position performs analysis on routine or moderately complex projects under general supervision. Specifically, this position supports:
Decision Support and Population Health Analytics (DS-PHA) supports the development, implementation, and measurement of systems of care that assess the health needs of a target population and proactively provides and coordinates services to improve the health of that population. DS-PHA provides support for the following functions: integration of population health data, value improvement, standard quality service and cost metrics and measurement, risk scoring and severity adjustment, attribution methods, contract analysis, and new data source insight. DS-PHA utilizes data from across the healthcare system and across the continuum, including hospital, physician, and claims data.

Core Essentials:
Demonstrates high-level knowledge of statistical analysis and modeling techniques and applies them in a healthcare industry setting to support strategic decision making. Runs statistical tests on data while noting the pros and cons fo the test selection.
Assists with consultation to study investigators and business leaders in the areas of protocol development, study design, analysis plan, sample size / power calculations, and interpretation of study data. Applies statistical methods to drive new/original statistical insight.
Assists in the preparation and submission of written documents or presentations for senior leadership or peer reviewed journals.
Uses appropriate analytical methods to research a loosely defined problem or hypothesis. Analyzes some predefined variables and some unknowns.
Programs new statistics not available in vended softare based on published statistical articles.
Writes intermediate level ad hoc SQL, including basic selects, joins, use of Where clause and simple functions (e.g., Trunc, Sum, Min, Max, Avg, Concat, etc.). Demonstrates an understanding of Primary / Foreign Keys, Table/Field Aliases, and Partitions/Indexes to deliver high quality material.
May train others on skills and competencies required for previous levels.
Provides project management / leadership as appropriate to drive timelines and deliverables.

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