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BYU Statistician David Engler's new study introduces a method for predicting if the disease is about to intensify.
BYU statistics student investigates team chemistry via BYU volleyball data.
Dr. Engler and Justin Barnes explore the diverse career options for statisticians and discuss their recent multiple sclerosis research.
BYU's Dr. Grimshaw shares the statistics behind our love of a good underdog story in NCAA Final Four basketball tournaments.
How do you predict glacial melt rates for regions that depend on glacial melt for water when you have very little data available?
We wish you the most wonderful summer!
To all our students, thank you for the great semester.
Statistics' master's student, Jared Ward, graduates this semester. Check out this article detailing his incredible success - both in the classroom and on the track!
New Job and Internship Postings
The department provides an up-to-date list of job and internship opportunities. These positions are sent directly by employers interested in hiring BYU Statistics students. Jobs can be viewed here and internships here.