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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to assist individuals to develop their full divine potential. As students, faculty, and staff, we seek to do this by cultivating meaningful collaborations in teaching, learning, and researching data methods and statistical reasoning. As we ethically apply statistical principles to challenging problems, we are then able to contribute to and serve our families, communities, and world with informed, evidence-based decisions.


To succeed in our mission, the Department of Statistics will:

  • Nurture an environment in which learning “is bathed in the light and color of the restored gospel” to enrich lives and engender belonging;
  • Contribute to the campus community through superior teaching and experiential learning opportunities that prepare students to find and communicate insight from data and make responsible and ethical decisions in the presence of uncertainty;
  • Provide highly-regarded undergraduate degrees that qualify graduates to pursue enriching careers and to succeed in competitive graduate programs;
  • Maintain a vibrant M.S. program that provides intellectually enlarging and rigorous training in modern statistical modeling, data analysis, and research, thereby preparing students to enter top-tier Ph.D. programs and lead in high-impact careers;
  • Produce high-quality, peer-reviewed, research that benefits students and that contributes to statistical, actuarial, and data science and to the advancement of knowledge broadly.