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Scholarship Applications

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Department of Statistics has scholarship funding available for students who are pursuing a degree in statistics and who have a passion for using data to make a difference in the world. Please read about our donors here.

As a recipient of this scholarship, you will receive financial support to help you achieve your academic and career goals.
The deadline for applications is March 1, 2024. The application can be found in the Statistics Office WVB 2152.


To be eligible for a statistics department scholarship, you must be

  • enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours during the semester for which you are applying, exceptions can be made for the last semester before graduation; and
  • an early-stage statistics major who has completed Stat 240, Math 112, and Math 113 with at least one A grade or a later-stage statistics major who is on a good trajectory to finishing the degree.

Preference is given to students who

  • are not already receiving another university award or benefit;
  • have not received a prior award from the department; and
  • have worked and will continue to work for the department.

Total support from university and department awards typically will not exceed the cost of university tuition. Department scholarships are awarded after university scholarships awards are made. If you are unsure about whether your university scholarship will be renewed, you are welcome to apply. While university scholarship awards are made based on GPA, the department uses a holistic review which does not rely exclusively on GPA.