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The GRE® General Test


Considering Graduate School Fall 2022? Take the GRE now!
Whether you are applying for graduate degree from BYU or another university, GRE test scores are used to evaluate applicants for admission. Starting early can be a key to success, especially if you are considering retaking the GRE multiple times. You should begin this process as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary stress as deadlines approach.

Suggestions from faculty and previous grad students

BYU GRE Prep Courses
- $650 for a 5 week course
Register at

The Princeton Review offers courses throughout the year.
- Options include courses for 162+ score guaranteed, increasing your score by 10 points, or understanding the fundamentals.

GRE on a budget:

- Go to BYU Library, Facebook Marketplace, DI or a second hand book store to borrow or purchase a used GRE Prep book (they should include vocab lists, practice tests and test-taking strategies)

- Online GRE practice exams

- Managing the clock when taking practice exams

- Spending 1-2 hours in the math problem sections every day for the month before taking the test

- Writing section videos