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Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Brigham Young University

The goal of the Department of Statistics is to help students develop their intellect and faith. To accomplish this we offer a premier undergraduate educational experience. We also prepare our master’s students for successful and productive careers. As faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Statistics, we are fortunate to work in an era where demand for expertise in statistics and data science is at unprecedented levels.

As a response to the flourishing demand for statistics expertise, our number of undergraduate majors is growing more than ever. Our undergraduates leave BYU with degrees in Actuarial Science or Statistics, with the latter major having four possible emphases: Applied Statistics and Analytics, Statistical Science, Biostatistics, and Data Science. Many of our graduates have enhanced their education by working for the department as teaching or research assistants during their career at BYU. We are proud to be awarded the status of Center for Actuarial Excellence (CAE) by the Society of Actuaries. CAE is a distinction granted to only 17 universities in the United States, with BYU being the only CAE in the western half of the country.

The strength of our Master of Science program in Statistics is evidenced by the 100% post-graduation placement for master’s students, with graduates enjoying coveted positions of employment or enrollment in top-rated PhD programs. In addition to our traditional two-year MS program, we are pleased to offer an integrated BS/MS degree program which allows prepared students to obtain these degrees in five years.

The research interests of our faculty span a wide range, with emphases in environmental and spatial statistics, reliability and industrial statistics, biostatistics, actuarial science, business analytics, sports analytics, and statistics education. Faculty research has been sponsored by several funding agencies including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Association, and the Department of Defense.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Here are some additional facts about our department:

  • Number of Students: 566
  • Location: The West View Building (newest building on campus)
  • Majors within the Department: 2 with 4 emphases
  • Number of full-time faculty: 21
  • Number of adjunct faculty: 7
  • Number of publications in 2019: 56 peer reviewed articles
    • 50 students coauthored 22 papers with 11 faculty in top-tier journals
  • Faculty Awards in 2019
    • Candace Berrett - Alvin C Rencher Award
    • Phil White, William Christensen, and Shane Reese – 2019 Wiley-TIES Best Environmetrics Award
  • Six faculty had eight external grants in 2019 that ranged between $6,725 and $1,156,510.
  • In 2019 58 students were involved in mentored undergraduate research experience
  • We offer an Integrated BS/MS program. This program allows well-prepared students to complete both degree programs efficiently in five years and at a lower tuition cost. Those that are interested in PhD programs can complete the Integrated BS/MS Statistics program with an additional year at BYU, but could start in the second year of PhD study at top programs. We recruit students who have completed Stat 340 and all university core requirements.
  • Scholarships
    • Average GPA of recipients: 3.73
    • Median number of statistics courses: 8
    • Median number of semesters completed at BYU: 4
    • 58% of recipients were female
    • 42% of recipients were male
    • 67% of the recipients will be graduated by 2021
    • We offer 8 scholarships in total
  • Our department is within the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, see more fun facts about our college at