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Stat 495R - Data Science in Business

This is section 003 of Stat 495R which is a course for special topics in statistics. In this class, students will be given the opportunity to solve business problems as individuals and groups using data. Best practices on creating readable, producible, and collaborative code will be introduced as well as the ability to pull, store, and clean data before analyses. Presenting your findings and thought process is a crucial skill that will set you up for success in the future, so each assignment will contain an opportunity for students to present their findings in different business formats.

This class will be taught by Cameron Zabriskie. Cameron graduated from Utah State University with a Masters degree in Data Analytics while working as a data analyst for a small bank up in Salt Lake City. After graduation, he joined Progrexion as a data scientist where he spends his time building models and data warehouses, running tests, and communicating his findings.

Prerequisite Classes: Stat 126. Stat 330, and MCom 320.

If you have any questions about this class please email and we will try to answer them.