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Integrated and Traditional MS Program Deadline Extension

We have the opportunity to extend the deadline to apply for the MS Statistics program to February 15. An MS in Statistics can help build job opportunities, increase pay, and enhance your professional network. Many of our current graduate students love the camaraderie they have found among their peers and faculty within the graduate program.

If you are considering applying but hesitated for any reason, come talk to us! You can also talk with any of your professors and some of your TA's are current graduate students too!

We understand that there may be several concerns when considering graduate school such as funding, prerequisites, letters of recommendation, and taking the GRE. The great news is we are here to help! We have many funding opportunities for tuition, and all students are given a TA and/or RA position. If you're concerned about having all of the prerequisite courses, come and chat with us. Sometimes we have flexibility in how and when students take the prerequisite courses. Students sometimes wonder who to ask for letters of recommendation. Our professors are very willing to support our students in this way; we are happy to chat with you about the program, your goals, and whether we think you will find our program to be a good fit for you.

Apply now for the traditional or integrated MS Statistics program!